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Test method of slurry pump

Author: strong industry Pump Published: 2017-11-03 Clicks:

1. After the slurry pump unit has been inspected in accordance with normal operating procedures and is ready to record, close the discharge valve and start the pump.
2. After the slurry pump runs smoothly, write down the first set of data: pressure gauge reading, vacuum gauge reading and power meter reading, and fill in the form. At this time, the discharge valve is closed and the flow rate is zero.
3. Open the regulating valve step by step, and take a reading every time you open it. In this way, there are about ten times from the fully closed to the fully opened of the regulating valve, which basically can meet the demand. Of course, the more times, the denser the test points, the more accurate the reading, and the smoother and more accurate the curve made in the future.
4. After all the data is measured, close the regulating valve and stop the motor.