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Shijiazhuang Qianggong Pump Industry Co., Ltd., founded in August 2003, is a new-type Shijiazhuang slurry pump manufacturer, specializing in the development, production and sales of industrial slurry pumps. The pump types produced by Shijiazhuang slurry pump manufacturers are: ZJ.ZGB.AH. series double shell slurry pump, D series single shell slurry pump, WN series dredging pump, G (TH) series grit pump, ZJL.SP (VS) series vertical slurry pump, TL (R) series vertical desulfurization pump, DT series horizontal desulfurization pump; IS (R), D (G), S (H) type clean water pump; QJ submersible pump; IH type chemical pump and other products. A number of slurry pump products of Shijiazhuang slurry pump manufacturers have passed CE certification and obtained national patents.

Since its establishment, Shijiazhuang Slurry Pump Company has been rooted in the market and dedicated to the society with the enterprise spirit of "striving for hard work, pragmatic innovation".

Shijiazhuang Qianggong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has the strength of slurry pump casting and processing, advanced production technology, complete testing equipment, strong technical force, complete management, sales system and good after-sales service. The slurry pump products produced by Shijiazhuang slurry pump manufacturers are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, power, building materials and other industries for mining, dredging, transportation tail, concentrate ore, ash slag, slime, iron powder and other strong abrasive, Concentration slurry transportation.

Shijiazhuang slurry pump company has a number of high-quality, high-level, experienced technical and management elites; strong technical force, advanced management level. "Keep improving and pursue excellence" is the quality policy of slurry pump enterprises. Shijiazhuang slurry pump company strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system, continuously strengthens internal management, and taps its own potential. "Quality assurance, customer first, integrity and commitment" is the purpose of Shijiazhuang slurry pump company, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will meet the market competition and challenges with a brand new image and efficient mechanism. I believe that with our high-quality products, perfect service and good reputation, we will surely win the favor of more and more users.

In the future development, our company will adhere to the company's overall competitiveness in the industry as the main line, market demand-oriented, system innovation and technological innovation as the driving force, and strengthen the construction of high-level leading talents and high-tech core talents. , To build a "technical, skilled business, excellent service, good work style" workforce, promote the company's rapid and healthy development, and provide comprehensive services for each of our partners.