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Slurry pump, static ring friction pair

Author: strong industry Pump Published: 2017-09-20 15:48:39 Hits:

The same pair of dynamic and static ring friction pairs do not need to be made of the same material to avoid seizure during operation.
The "O" seal material can be rubber (nitrile rubber, fluoro rubber, silicone rubber), or polytetrafluoroethylene and vinyl chloride. Rubber has good elasticity, tightness, and vibration absorbing and buffering effect. Tetrafluoroethylene has good chemical stability and can be used at temperatures from -200 C to + 250 C, but its elasticity is poor.
The role of the spring in the mechanical seal of the slurry pump is to ensure the close fit of the friction pair and to give certain compensation when the dynamic and static ring wear, which requires the spring to have a certain elasticity and rigidity. Commonly used spring materials are phosphor bronze, spring steel, and stainless steel.
In recent years, there is also a layer of non-metal on the spring for the highly corrosive medium. It seems to wear a protective clothing to resist the corrosion of the strongly corrosive medium. Some methods of "dressing" are to put on rubber or plastic hoses and seal the two ends to death; or to spray the corrosion-resistant materials such as Teflon on the surface of spring steel wires by spraying.