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Impeller of DA slurry pump

Author: strong industry Pump Published: 2017-08-10 11:53:22 Hits:

The impeller of DA slurry pump is arranged on the shaft in one direction. Each stage of the impeller has an axial force, so the total axial force after stepwise addition is very large, you must use an automatic balancing device to balance its axial force.
The automatic balance disc device is composed of a balance disc and a balance ring. The former is made of cast iron and is mounted on the shaft behind the final stage impeller.
The left side of the balance disc is connected to the outlet of the final stage impeller, and the right side is connected to the pump inlet through a pipe. Therefore, the pressure on the right side of the balance disc is close to the pressure of the liquid at the suction port of the pump, and the pressure p on the left side of the balance disc is less than the pressure of the final stage impeller outlet. In other words, high-pressure water can return to the suction port of the pump through the gap between the balance plate and the balance ring.