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Anhydrous machine seal

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A structure description:

1 TLJ (S) type is a double-end integrated cartridge type, internally balanced mechanical seal, with its own auxiliary impeller, which can rotate in both directions.

2 The axial dimension of the overall component should be larger than the installation dimension, so that the positioning plate can be easily removed during installation.

3 Before starting the equipment, open enough cooling water. Do not make the machine seal friction pair in dry friction state. The water pressure should be controlled between 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa and the flow rate should be about 0.5L / S.

4 The material of the friction pair is hot-set carbide, and the main structural parts are made of low-carbon stainless steel.

5 The secondary impeller of the machine seal can promote the pump cavity medium to prevent crystallization and reduce the negative pressure of the pump cavity medium on the machine seal, thereby extending the service life of the machine seal, and the double end surface replaces the skeleton oil seal, which also further improves Reliability and stability of the seal.

6 TLJ (S) is an improved mechanical seal of TLJ type, with the same installation dimensions, and is also used as a desulfurization pump for Shijiazhuang Water Pump Plant.

Scope of application:

It is mainly used in the control of sulfur dioxide emissions and flue gas desulfurization devices in coal-fired industries such as power and metallurgy.

Three operating parameters:

1 Medium: gypsum and lime slurry

2 Temperature: ≤90 ℃

3 Linear speed: ≤15m / s

4 Concentration: ≤25% (wt)

5 Pressure: ≤1MPa

6 Matching with desulfurization pump of Shijiazhuang Water Pump Factory

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