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Warman series ZHJ type mechanical seal

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Picture of slurry pump Warman series ZHJ type mechanical seal

Structural features:

1.Single end, integrated cartridge type, can be rotated in both directions without being affected by the adjustment of the pump shaft;

2. The axial dimension of the overall component should be larger than the installation dimension, so that the positioning block can be easily removed when it is installed;

3. The shaft seal water pressure must be higher than the pump cavity pressure by 0.1MPa to run in clean water, and the shaft seal water is transported with the medium;

4. The material of the friction pair is L-pad inlaid with hard alloy and silicon carbide. It can run for a long time in high temperature medium, and can also choose different friction pairs according to different media to ensure its long-term use effect.

Scope of application:

Medium: solid particles and crystalline fluids such as ash removal and tailings slurry in power plants;

Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 160 ℃;

Pressure: 0-4 MPa;

Linear speed: ≤15 m / s;

Concentration: ≤40%;

Shaft diameter: Φ30 – Φ 280.